Ecopools. Pool shop: products and equipment.


Ecopools is the name of our shop, which offers to the particular and professional customer a wide range of products and accessories for the pool and spa.

  • Cleaning material and robots pool cleaners.
  • Treatment products, chemicals and water analysis.
  • Covers: protection, solar or automatic.
  • Pumps and filters.
  • Disinfection, regulation, dosage, measurement and automatic systems.
  • Warming: heat pumps, solar panels, dehumidifiers.
  • Illumination LED.
  • Coating materials.
  • Complements: stairs, showers, handrails.
  • Hydrotherapy and water games: waterfalls, canyons, whirlpools, counter-currents ...
  • Despieces and spare parts.
  • Domotics for swimming pool and garden.
  • Saunas and spas.
  • Underwater windows.

Post-sales service and technical service

One of our main skills, which allow us to be very competent, is the post-sales service. In our company we sell the products, with their guarantee of quality and the support of a professional available all year round to help you.


To buy any product, contact us and we will send it to your house.

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