Swimming pool construction

We make pools, new construction, rehabilitation or repair. Outdoor pools, indoor, natural, with the common denominator of quality and work well done.


Construction and reform

Not only we do construction of swimming pools, we also carry out any type of construction, reform and rehabilitation inside or outside the house: bathrooms, kitchens, terraces, barbecues ... and other works.


Pool shop: products and equipment.

The shop and the show room offer to the particular and professional customer a wide range of products and accessories for the pool and spa.


Ecological pools

The ecological pools offer you the possibility to enjoy a truly natural experience. Swim in a pure water, without chlorine or other chemical products.


Other services

Other services that we can offer are: excavation, plumbing, pool maintenance, technical service, landscaping and gardening, natural stone walls, artificial grass, civil construction, ...

From our company we will provide a professional solution to your needs.


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