Variable speed pump


The latest innovation in pool pumps is the variable speed pumps, since a few years ago they have been opening market and already all the big manufacturers of filter pumps have their own variable speed model. Efficiency and sustainability in your pool.

But what does variable speed mean? As the name implies, you can vary or modify the filtration speed and the work flow. So we can choose the best speed according to our convenience.

Better efficiency

For a more efficient filtration, it is not necessary for the water to circulate at high speed, it is demonstrated that if the water passes more slowly through the filter, it is able to better retain the dirt. By reducing the work speed, the energy consumed is also being reduced. Up to 85% savings compared to the consumption of a conventional pump. This makes it very efficient pumps. Although they work 24 hours a day, they are more efficient than single speed pumps.

Less noise

Another positive aspect of these pumps is their sound level. They are much quieter when they are working at low speed.


Some models of variable speed pumps have in their control panel, an option that allows to modify the work times and even schedule the filtration in hours and days of the week.


One more advantage, in installations with waterfalls, water cannons or with an automatic pool cleaner system, which need an extra supply of flow, you can use the same variable speed pump for filtration and for water play or cleaning, instead of having two pumps. The variable speed pumps provide flexibility to the installation, with various combinations of use.

Easy installation

They are easy to install, just like a single speed pump. Therefore, you can replace your old single speed pump with the new variable speed ones and start saving energy.


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