Nowadays, with the change in the price of electricity, many people are considering filtering the pool at night, when the rate is cheaper, but why don't we recommend it?
Properly filtering the pool water is essential to keep it clean and crystal clear. Therefore, it must be in operation when the pool needs it most, during the hours of sunshine. It is recommended to filter between 6 and 8 hours a day, in summer even longer, the time necessary to filter the entire volume of water in the pool, at least once a day. The ideal is to divide the filtration in two, one time during the morning and another during the afternoon, so the disinfectant is distributed evenly throughout the water. In the central hours of the day, due to the effect of the sun and the use of bathers, the chlorine level decreases; if it is only filtered at night, the pool will be chlorine-free practically all day, and disinfection will be insufficient and inadequate; then, with a low level of disinfectant, algae could appear, which will mean a higher consumption of disinfectant and anti-algae products.
For all this, it is advisable not to filter at night and to do so during the day. Although with an efficient variable speed filter pump, which reduces your consumption by up to 75%, this will not be a problem.

These efficient pumps save on electricity consumption, so much so you can have them running 24 hours a day and still consume less than a conventional filtration pump. Contact us for more information.

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