Pumps and filters

The two main elements of the technical room are the filtration pump, in charge of moving the pool water and the filter, whose function is to filter and clean the water impurities.

The self-priming pump is the most used in the filtration of swimming pools. There are other types of pumps for other functions: bilge pumps, blower pumps, circulation pumps, etc.

There are different types of filters, depending on their manufacturing material (laminated, blown, polyester, polyethylene, thermoplastic resin ...), or depending on the filter element (flint sand, glass or glass, AFM, diatoms, cartridge ... .).

The main brands we work with: AstralPool, Hayward, Espa, Saci.

  • Self-priming filter pumps.

  • Efficient or variable speed filter pumps.

  • Laminated, polyethylene, injected thermoplastic resin, cartridge or diatom filters.

  • Buried or surface technical housings.

  • Filtering charge: silica sand, glass, AFM.


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